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Sampler 1969 [click for larger image]
Transatlantic TRA SAM13 1969

Released by: TRANSATLANTIC in 1969
as 12-inch LP TRASAM 13.
A ‘Sampler’ of tracks from YT’s three previous vinyl albums
and one EP: ‘Young Tradition’ (TRA 142),
‘So Cheerfully Round’ (TRA 155),
Galleries (TRA 172),
and Chicken on a Raft (TRA EP 164).

This sampler is not available on CD as far as we know and a copy of the album could set you a cosy 50 from a record collectibles shop or online. Fortunately all of Young Tradition's work is now available on other CDs, this sampler, though, is worth seeking out for the cover photograph featuring Young Tradition and three members of the legendary Copper Family.

side one

1. Chicken on a Raft
2. The Innocent Hare
3. The Whitsuntide Carol
4. Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth
5. The Banks of the Claudy
6. Randy-Dandy-O

side two

1. Byker Hill
2. Daddy Fox
3. The Fox Hunt
4. The Lyke Wake Dirge
5. Shanties - Fire Marengo/
    Hanging Johnny/
    Haul on the Bowlin'

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